Hesco Barrier

Hesco barrier can be filled with sand, earth, cement, stone.

FOB Price: Negotiable
Min.Order Quantity: 80 Meter / Meters
Supply Ability: 5000 Meter / Meters per Month
Port: Xingang, Tianjin
Payment Terms: L/C,T/Ts

Hesco barrier is a modern military fortification, it’s made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, used as barrier against blast or small-arms.Hesco barrier can be filled with sand, earth, cement, stone.

Can be used in separate cell or some cells joint together.Hesco bastion: Also named as Hesco barriers,sand cage,welded gabion box, wire mesh gabion box, stone cage.

Specifications:Hesco barrier, Hesco bastion, Blast wall, flood barrier,storm barrier
Material:Low-carbon Steel Wire
Wire diameter: 3-5mm
Mesh size: 70x70mm
Spring Coil: 5mm*18pcs
Panel size: 12 type size for any security protection, suddenly burst attacks
Gabion Mesh Size: 1.39*1.08m*5 psc 1.39*0.53m*16pcs
Geotextile: in heavy duty non-woven polypropylene, Color: Grey and Military Green, Sand color etc.
Finish: hot dipped galvanized, Galfan wire.
Packing: wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet

Hesco Barriers Specifications

MIL1 5442 R 54”(1.37M) 42”(1.06M) 32’9”(10M)
MIL2 2424 R 24”(0.61M) 24”(0.61M) 4′(1.22M)
MIL3 3939 R 39”(1.00M) 39”(1.00M) 32′.9”(10M)
MIL4 3960 R 39”(1.00M) 60”(1.52M) 32′.9”(10M)
MIL5 2424 R 24”(0.61M) 24”(0.61M) 10′(3.05M)
MIL6 6624 R 66”(1.68M) 24”(0.61M) 10′(3.05M)
MIL7 8784 R 87”(2.21M) 84”(2.13M) 91′(27.74M)
MIL8 5448 R 54”(1.37M) 48”(1.22M) 32′.9”(10M)
MIL9 3930 R 39”(1.00M) 30”(0.76M) 30”(9.14M)
MIL10 8760 R 87”(2.21M) 60”(1.52M) 100′(32.50M)
MIL11 4812 R 48”(1.22M) 12”(0.30M) 4′(1.22M)
MIL12 8442 R 84”(2.13M) 42”(1.06M) 108′(33M)